Pic Product Code Price
9902030 Show Plate
Art De Cuisine Wide Rim Round Plate 305mm
ADC0007 $11.00
9902025 Dinner Plate
Art De Cuisine Wide Rim Round Plate 254mm
ADC0001 $6.20
9902023 Entree Plate
Art De Cuisine Wide Rim Round Plate 228mm
ADC0002 $5.30
9902018 Side Plate
Art De Cuisine Wide Rim Round Plate 171mm
ADC0006 $3.75
9903023 Soup/Pasta Bowl
Art De Cuisine Mid Rim Bowl 228mm
ADC0020 $7.05
9903211 Dessert Bowl
Art De Cuisine Coupe Bowl 110mm
ADC0003 $6.60
9900007 Tea Cup
Art De Cuisine Tea Cup 230ml
ADC0019 $4.00
9900020 Saucer to Match
Saucer to Suit Tea Cup
ADC0023 $3.55
9900012 Cappucino Cup
Art De Cuisine Flared Mug 340ml
ADC0031 $6.20
9900020 Saucer to Match
Saucer to Suit Flared Mug
ADC0023 $3.55
9900142 Teapot
Art De Cuisine Tea Pot 420ml
ADC0013 $16.90
18172 Table Knife
Sydney Table Knife
TCP0181 $17.60
18160 Table Fork
Sydney Table Fork
TCP0180 $11.00
18153 Dessert Spoon
Sydney Dessert Spoon
TCP0173 $9.90
18154 Soup Spoon
Sydney Soup Spoon
TCP0171 $9.90
18155 Teaspoon
Sydney Teaspoon
TCP0176 $7.95
18173 Steak Knife
Sydney Steak Knife
TCP0175 $17.60
18171 Dessert/Entree Knife
Sydney Dessert/Entree Knife
TCP0169 $16.50
18152 Dessert/EntreeFork
Sydney Dessert/Entree Fork
TCP0170 $9.90
18159 Table Spoon
Sydney Table Spoon
TCP0178 $11.00
12279 Serving Spoon
Milan Serving Spoon
TCP0087 $6.60
LB1660IN Tumbler
Libbey Super Sham Tumbler 310ml
LBRG1660 $2.75
LB1661IN Hiball
Libbey Super Sham Cooler 355ml
LBTG1661 $2.75
360-994 Wine Glass
Stolze Ultra Wine Glass 306ml
TK994 $3.55
Champagne Glass
Stolze Ultra Champagne Glass 185ml
TKG0004 $3.55
9902735 Platter
Art De Cuisine Platter 355x235mm
ADC0015 $23.85
Salad Bowl
Ryner Round Salad Bowl 250mm
NPC91266 $11.00
Salad Server Fork
Milan Salad Fork
TCP0088 $6.60
12276 Salad Server Spoon
Milan Salad Spoon
TCP0094 $6.60
5380010 Water Jug
Premium 1L Plastic Water Jug
WET5380 $9.90
530008 Coffee Plunger
8 Cup Coffee Plunger Chrome and Glass
69016 Food Service Trays
Black Polypropylene tray 400x300mm
NPC1302 $4.85
43052 Dishrack
Chrome Dish Drainer
MCP0216 $11.00

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